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  This website is structured in a way that provides you with easy and fast access to required information about Ilija. Within the About Ilija section,  you can find information on scientific and research, educational and publishing activities of him.
   In the Scientific Works section, you can find information about the Faculty where Professor Dr. Ilija Komljenovic holds lectures the students, then the information of his published scientific papers and books.
Prof. Dr. Ilija Komljenovic during his research work as the education of students regarding collaboration with other universities and research institutions, visited many countries, Universities, Scientific- research institutes.
   On the sites (My trips - Apuseni Mountain, Allmasu Mare Mountain in Romania, Bulgaria, France) you can find and view images, brief explanations about travel as a result of his impressions of visited countries.
On the Downloads section, you can download a graphics softwares and softwares for maintaining the health of your computer of known brands which Ilija Komljenovic cooperate with them.
   In addition, you can download and use some books written by Ilija Komljenovic the authorship and co-authorship, primarily aimed for students of agricultural faculties.  
   You can also, download small programs in excel, which was designed by Ilija Komljenovic which refers to the agricultural statistics, grade book and program to calculate the water balance in the soil by Thorntwaite. Those programs are meant to teachers of faculties of agriculture. There are also brief information about Republic of Srpska as a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, about Banja Luka where Ilija Komljenović lives.
   Besides the images, you can view Slide shows, listen to Serbian traditional music and dances and watch videos.

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